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نرم افزار شمارشگر جلبکها Algae counting software

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counting and biovolume estimation software. This program could prove useful
for some participants on ALGAE-L list.

OrgaCount can be used for counting cells and calculating their biovolume using
both predefined and ad-hoc counting strategies. In case of predefined
counting strategies, size classes, biovolume, and other statistical values are
defined a priori. In contrast, when using ad-hoc counting strategies the size
classes and biovolume data are calculated dynamically during the counting

One feature that essentially differentiates OrgaCount from other similar
applications is that it runs in a server environment on a wide variety of
operating systems including various versions of Linux and Windows. An
OrgaCount installation may be accessible remotely from anywhere in the
world.  Therefore, one or more members of a national/international project or
institution may work on the same database even if laboratories are located in
distinct geographic locations. This application is based on biodivDP, a
biodiversity dedicated content management system that may be enriched not
only with modules specific for counting plankton, but also modules for
dissemination of data, project achievements, web reports, and other
taxonomic and biodiversity information.

For a full list of specifications of OrgaCount please visit

And/or download its pdf flyer

For information on biodivDP please visit:

Claus Duerselen

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