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جلبکهای دریایی ماکرو چه هستند؟ What are seaweeds

Seaweeds are algae that liven in the sea or in brackish water. Scientists often call them "benthic marine algae", which just means "attached algae that live in the sea". Seaweeds come in three basic colours: red, green, and brown, as shown above: dulse is the red seaweed; sea lettuce is amongst the green algae; and the brown is a wrack. Red and brown algae are almost exclusively marine, whilst green algae are also common in freshwater and in terrestrial situations. Many of these algae are very ancient organisms, and although lumped together as "algae" are not actually closely related, having representatives in 4 of the 5 Kingdoms of organisms. There are about 10,500 species of seaweeds, of which 6,500 are  Rhodophyta

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