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Dear Colleagues

Somebody asked me to make some estimates of macroalgal numbers and I thought that the list might be interested in the answer. There are of course a
number of conceptual difficulties: what's a macroalgal; indeed, what's an alga?

Here are the current numbers according to Kingdom: Phylum and Class

Chromista: Ochrophyta [Phaeophyceae: 1745; Xanthophyceae (Vaucheria and Bothrydium only): 406]: 2151
Plantae: Rhodophyta: 5900 (not including unicellular species)
Plantae: Charophyta [Charophyceae 282 and Klebsormidium 42]: 324
Plantae: Chlorophyta [Bryopsidophyceae 501; Ulvophyceae 887; Trebouxiophyceae (Prasiolales only) 31; Chlorophyceae (Oedogoniales only):
179] 1597

There are thus about 10,000 species of eukaryote macroalgae amongst the 23,500 or so species of eukaryotes in AlgaeBase, of which 3,000 or so
belong in the kingdom Protozoa (dinoflagellates and euglenoids).

To generalise, chromistan and green-plant-line algae number about 20,000 of which half are macroalgae. Of these 10,000 macroalgae about 8,700 are marine and the remainder are freshwater and/or terrestrial. As a matter of interest, the microalgae seem more even distributed: about half are marine and the other half freshwater.

These numbers are from AlgaeBase, which is of course a work in progress. The numbers for each taxon, or indeed any currently used taxon, can be
checked on:

Best wishes


Professor M.D. Guiry
Director, Martin Ryan Institute
NUI Galway, University Rd
Galway, Ireland
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