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معرفی جنس Aphanochaete





General appearance of alga? Simple branched algae one cell thick.


Colour? green.


Habitat freshwater.


Aquatic type? lake; or pond; or river or stream; or bogs; or puddles and ditches.


Free-living or attached? attached to plants or algae.


Motile? Not motile.


Is mucilage or gelatinous material present? Absent.


Filament: Branching type true branching.


Filaments in bundles? not recorded.


Filament: Cell arrangement cells abutting.


Filament: Filament diameter not recorded.


Cell: Individual cell shape cylindrical.


Cell: Is there a median constriction (isthmus)? Absent.


Cell: Do the cells bear spines or cellular extensions? Present.


Cell: How many flagella per cell? Absent.


Cell: Is a red eyespot conspicuous? no.


Cell: Heterocytes absent.


Cell: Akinetes absent.


Cell: Cell length 6–20 µm.


Cell: Cell diameter 5–10 µm.


Cell: How many pyrenoids per plastid? 1–10.


Cell: How many plastids? 1.


Cell: Plastid shape? sheet or longitudinal plate.


Cell: Position of plastid in cell? Parietal.


Colony: Are remnants of the mother cell wall present or is the entire mother cell wall persistent? not recorded.


Colony: cell arrangement not recorded.


Colony: Shape of colony? not recorded.


Colony: Are cells or groups of cells connected by mucilaginous threads? No.


Colony: Cells in one layer or throughout not recorded.


Capable of forming blooms? Not observed.



Classification: Division Chlorophyta (Green Algae).


Classification: Class Chlorophyceae.


Classification: Family Chaetophoraceae.




Reference Smith (1950:163), Prescott (1951:125), Dillard (1999:135), Ling et al. (2000:126), Day et al. (1995:50), Entwisle et al. (1999c).












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