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The following fellowships are available for engineering students to pursue a PhD. Our group works with microalgae, but other areas of engineering are also eligible.




2011-2012 Board of Regents Ph.D. Fellowship Application Packet

Louisiana State University

College of Engineering

Due Date: July 15, 2011


Send application package to:

Dr. Kelly A. Rusch

Louisiana State University

College of Engineering

3304 Patrick F. Taylor Hall

Baton Rouge, LA 70803


This award was established through an award to the College of Engineering from the Board of Regents. The Ph.D. Fellowship is $30,000 from the Board of Regents and a $5,000 supplement from the student’s home department for a total award of $35,000 per year for four years. The departmental supplement will not add additional duties/obligations beyond those of the Fellowship.


The award comes with a tuition waiver. In addition, the student will be eligible for the Graduate Assistant Insurance Benefit if they enroll on one of LSU’s two student health plans. The insurance exemption is worth $350 per semester (fall and spring). Fellows will devote full-time effort to their graduate work for all three semesters of the year (fall, spring, summer).


The applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident planning to enroll in one of the College’s engineering programs. The requested Fellowships are focused in four overlapping areas that all relate to economic development: 1) energy (broad energy platform and environment, 2) coastal and ecological engineering, 3) materials science and engineering and 4) infrastructure (natural and built).



The minimum criteria for eligibility include:

1. GPA of 3.5 (for both the undergraduate and M.S. degrees) on a 4.0 scale

2. Acceptable verbal and quantitative scores on the GRE – use of a cutoff number for GRE is not recommended and not applied.

3. The applicant must have completed a M.S. degree program at the time of receiving a Ph.D. fellowship.



Dr. Maria Teresa Gutierrez-Wing

116 Engineering Lab Annex Building

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Ph: 225 578-5703



٦. فرصتهای شغلی در دانشگاه گلاسکو

دنبال این عنوان بگردید

Reconstructing Ocean Acidification and its Impacts at High Resolution

5. چند موقعیت شغلی متفاوت

٤. پست دکترا در رشته سوختهای زیستی

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Algal Biofuel Research

Faculty of Science

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


We are seeking to hire a post-doctoral fellow with expertise in microalgal molecular genetics, including familiarity with genomic sequencing analysis.  The prospective candidate should also have experience in a number of molecular techniques including cell transformations and strain screening.  In addition to strong skills in molecular biology, the candidate should have experience in growing microalgae and performing growth optimization assays.  The candidate will frequently be communicating with our industrial partners so must be fluent in both spoken and written english.  Due to the short hiring time frame, we will give preference to candidates already residing in Canada.  International applicants will be considered only if they provide evidence of being able to work legally in Canada by March 31, 2011.  This Post-Doctoral Fellowship appointment would be for one year, starting March, 2011 and ending in March 2012.  The position is located at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.


Please send an application including a CV and list of 3 reference contacts via email to:  Dr. Andrea Kirkwood (

٣. تکنیسین لابور

٢. پذیرش دانشجو در دانشگاه برمن


The Department of Marine Botany at the University of Bremen seeks to fill the position of a

PhD student

Commencement date should be April 1st, 2011. The position is limited to three years.

For preparing the PhD thesis the student will recieve a fellowship for the first two years (approx. 1020

EUR per month). For the last year the student will fill a position with payment according to TV-L13/2 of

the German wage system.

Within the research project “Interactive effects of irradiance and temperature on membrane lipid

composition and D1-turnover in seaweeds“ the candidate should study to what extend the flexibility of

membrane lipid composition affects the potential distributional range of marine macroalgae.

Comparative studies on cosmopolitan, endemic as well as invasive macroalgal species from different

climate regions will be conducted. Changes in lipid compositon of thylakoid membranes, as well as

turn-over of the D1 reaction center protein will be assessed under combined temperature and radiation

treatments. Photosynthetic activity, the induction of stress proteins as well as changes in reactive

oxygen metabolism will be measured. Methods applied comprise of PAM fluorometry, HPLC, GC,

SDS-PAGE and photometry. The project is a cooperation between the Departments of Marine Botany

and Marine Zoology at the University of Bremen as well as the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and

Marine Research in Bremerhaven.

Candidates should have a master in biology with majors in marine biology and/or plant physiology.

Experience working with algal cultures is an asset. Very good english language skills as well as the

willingness to contribute to teaching in the university courses of Marine Botany and Plant Physiology

are mandatory.

The University of Bremen is an equal opportunity employer.

Please send your applications including a letter of motivation, CV, a summary of the master thesis, as

well as the address of two potential referees by 28 February 2011 stating the refrence number A

07/11. Please send your application to:

Prof. Dr. Kai Bischof

-Marine Botany-

Faculty Biology / Chemistry

University of Bremen

Leobener Str. NW2

28359 Bremen


Please contact Prof. Dr. Kai Bischof (; for

further information.

Please only send copies of application documents. The documents will not be sent back, but

destroyed after the selection process.



1. پذیرش 18 دانشجو در رشته بیوفیزیک مولکولی در دانشگاه برلین

لطفا به لینک زیر مراجعه فرمایید: